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PlantLife is a journal for everyone concerned about the conservation of our natural flora, particularly amateur botanists and indigenous plant growers. It provides a forum for communication amongst lay people and bridges the gap between them and the professional world by making known the needs and interests of both groups. The ultimate aim of PlantLife is to encourage the highest level of management of our indigenous flora for the benefit of the land and its people.

Submission of articles

PlantLife welcomes articles, of short or medium length, from readers. PlantLife is read
around the world by botanists, propagators, students, enthusiasts, collectors and others
interested in plants and their conservation.

Opinions expressed are those of the contributors and are not necessarily those of the
PIantLife editors. The editorial committee reserves the right to edit and amend articles. Due
care will be taken with material submitted, but the editorial committee and PIantLife cannot
be held responsible for loss or damage.

Readers are requested to address enquiries regarding articles directly to the author concemed.

All copyright for material appearing in this journal belongs to PIantLife and/or the individual
contributor. Text extracts may be used With prior permission from the editor and the author;
the journal name and number and the date of publication must be duly acknowledged.
Articles should be submitted in WORD .doc, .docx or .odt formats. Articles should be formatted in Arial 12 pt. 

A short introductory paragraph summarizing the contents is useful. The use of colour photographs or other graphics is strongly encouraged. Please caption these clearly. If authors wish to provide digital images the resolution should be 300dpi.

Contributions to be sent to

PIantLife is a non-profit journal with voluntary staff and contributors.

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